EMS Today 2017 Salt Lake City, Utah

It's hard to believe just a year ago,  our first public presentation had heads turning while  everyone began speaking out and  encouraging many EMS organizations to start talking about mental health and wellbeing of the providers. We won't be the first, nor the last to discuss this once taboo subject. One of the best outcomes of something so tragic as losing a brother or a sister, is the recognition of the current culture as it stands and fostering environments of support groups. Take the first step, allow each other to talk about workplace stress and show sincere empathy s when someone reaches out  begging  for help.  If you want to meet up with any of the Reviving Responders, we will be available February 22-25, 2017 while attending the EMS Today 2017 in Salt Lake City. We would love to meet you and have an opportunity to discuss the latest and greatest. See you around!!